【Curry made with Yonezawa beef is popular.】Spice Kitchen “Nasu” in Nanyo City

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Spice Kitchen “Nasu” in Nanyo City

Spice Kitchen “Nasu” Recommendation

Spice Kitchen “Nasu” is located in Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture, and is popular for its curry made from stewed Yonezawa beef strips.

The long simmering time makes the beef muscles very tender, which matches the mildness of the curry.

The best part of this restaurant is, of course, the curry made with this beef sinew!


The rice in the curry is filled with locally grown red soybeans and beans, which give it a nice texture.

Curry alone costs 750 yen, but a set with croquettes and fried chicken will cost about 1000 yen.

The croquettes and fried chicken in the set are large and filling, so the set is recommended for men.

Other Curry Recommendations

This is a curry made with beef tendon meat as well as pork curry served together on one plate.

The curry with pork has a slight sourness to it, perhaps because of the tomatoes.

The “Aymori Curry” is a special curry that allows you to taste two different flavors of curry in one dish. The Aymori Curry is 900 yen, but you can also order it as a set.


The potato salad that came with the set had a lot of large potatoes in it.

Spice Kitchen “Nasu” Menu

  • Curry with Yonezawa Beef 750円
  • Curry with Yonezawa Beef(Large serving) 850円
  • Curry set with beef and pork “Aigake Curry 900円

Curry Set Menu

  • A set(fried chicken and vegetables) 1,000円
  • B set(Beef Croquette and Vegetables) 1,000円
  • C set(Potato salad and vegetables) 1,000円
  • D set(Fried Shrimp and Vegetables) 1,000円

※In addition to this, there is a menu of garnishes and drinks that you can put on top of your curry.

Inside the Spice Kitchen “Nasu” store.

Spice Kitchen “Eggplant” is a beautiful new building.
The restaurant has counter seats and table seats, with room for about 20 people.

The water that is brought to you has lemon floating in it, and if you drink this water after eating curry, your mouth will feel refreshed.

On the table are spices, which they use when they want to make the curry a little spicier.

Spice Kitchen “Nasu” Location and Information

Address107-3 Mitsumadori, Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture
Business Hours11:00~14:30
regular closing dayNo regular holidays
Access11 minutes walk from Akayu Station.
4 minutes by car from Akayu Station